Looking to buy a PS5 in Amsterdam? Look no further! Discover the best places to purchase the highly sought-after gaming console in the vibrant city of Amsterdam.

When was the PlayStation 5 released in Amsterdam?

As a gaming enthusiast living in Amsterdam, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I heard about the release of the PlayStation 5. The highly anticipated console finally made its way to the city on November 19, 2020. It was a day that all gamers had marked on their calendars and eagerly awaited.

On the release day, there was a buzz in the air as gamers flocked to retailers across Amsterdam to get their hands on the latest gaming marvel. From early morning queues to online pre-orders, everyone was determined to be one of the lucky few who would experience next-generation gaming firsthand.

The release of the PlayStation 5 in Amsterdam brought together gamers from all walks of life. People were comparing strategies for securing a console, sharing tips on which stores had stock available, and even forming alliances to increase their chances of success. It was like a real-life quest where only those with enough determination and luck would emerge victorious.

Top retailers in Amsterdam selling the PS5

Amsterdam is home to several top-notch retailers that cater to gamers’ needs, and when it comes to purchasing a PlayStation 5, these stores truly shine. Here are some of the best places in Amsterdam where you can find this coveted console:

1. Game Mania

A household name among Dutch gamers, Game Mania offers an extensive range of video games and consoles. Their knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you in finding your perfect gaming companion.

2. MediaMarkt

If you’re looking for variety and competitive prices, MediaMarkt is your go-to destination. With multiple branches across Amsterdam, they offer convenience along with an impressive selection of gaming products.

3. Coolblue

Coolblue is known for its exceptional customer service and user-friendly website. They make the purchasing process a breeze, whether you choose to shop online or visit one of their physical stores.

4. Bol.com

An online retailer that needs no introduction, Bol.com has become a staple in the Dutch e-commerce scene. With a vast range of products, including the PlayStation 5, they provide convenience and reliability.

These retailers are just a few examples of where you can find the PlayStation 5 in Amsterdam. Each store offers its own unique perks and benefits, so it’s worth exploring all options before making your purchase.

How much does a PS5 cost in Amsterdam?

The price of the PlayStation 5 in Amsterdam can vary depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions or discounts. As with any highly sought-after product, it’s always wise to compare prices and consider different purchasing options before making your decision.

On average, you can expect to pay around €499 for the standard edition of the PlayStation 5 in Amsterdam. This includes the console itself and one controller. However, keep an eye out for bundle deals that may include additional games or accessories at a slightly higher price point.

It’s important to note that prices may fluctuate due to demand and availability. Retailers might also offer installment plans or financing options to make purchasing more affordable for gamers on a budget.

If you’re eager to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 but aren’t willing to pay full price, keep an eye out for special promotions or discounts that retailers may offer from time to time. Patience can sometimes pay off when it comes to snagging a great deal!

Discounts and special offers for purchasing a PS5 in Amsterdam

Who doesn’t love a good discount or special offer? When it comes to purchasing a PlayStation 5 in Amsterdam, there are often opportunities to save some euros or snag additional goodies along with your console. Here are a few examples of the types of discounts and special offers you might come across:

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1. Bundle Deals

Many retailers offer bundle deals where you can purchase the PlayStation 5 along with popular games or accessories at a discounted price. These bundles often provide excellent value for money and can be a great way to start building your gaming collection.

2. Trade-in Offers

If you have an older console gathering dust, some retailers may offer trade-in programs where you can exchange your old device for credit towards the purchase of a PlayStation 5. This not only helps you save money but also gives your old console a new lease on life.

3. Seasonal Sales

Keep an eye out for seasonal sales events like Black Friday or Christmas sales, as retailers often offer significant discounts during these periods. It’s the perfect opportunity to score a deal on a PlayStation 5 and maybe even grab some discounted games to go along with it.

Remember to check the websites and social media pages of your favorite retailers regularly to stay updated on any upcoming discounts or special offers. Being in the right place at the right time could lead to some serious savings!

Possibility of pre-ordering a PS5 in Amsterdam

The demand for the PlayStation 5 was sky-high even before its release, leading many retailers in Amsterdam to offer pre-order options for eager gamers. Pre-ordering allows you to secure your console ahead of time, ensuring that you won’t miss out when it finally hits the shelves.

While pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 have been available in Amsterdam, it’s important to note that they often sell out quickly due to limited stock. However, keeping an eye on retailer websites and signing up for email notifications can increase your chances of snagging a pre-order slot.

Pre-ordering a PlayStation 5 not only guarantees you’ll be one of the first to experience the next-generation gaming console but also provides peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to face the frenzy of release day queues or worry about stock shortages.

If you missed out on the initial wave of pre-orders, don’t lose hope! Retailers occasionally restock their inventory or offer additional pre-order opportunities closer to the release date. Persistence and a bit of luck may still land you a coveted pre-order slot.

Different versions of the PS5 available for purchase in Amsterdam

The PlayStation 5 comes in two different versions: the standard edition and the Digital Edition. Each version caters to different gaming preferences and budgets, giving gamers in Amsterdam options to choose from.

1. Standard Edition

The standard edition of the PlayStation 5 features a disc drive, allowing you to play physical copies of games as well as Blu-ray movies. If you prefer having a physical collection or enjoy sharing games with friends, this version is perfect for you.

2. Digital Edition

The Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5 does not include a disc drive and relies solely on digital downloads for games and media consumption. This version is ideal for gamers who prefer a more streamlined and digital-centric gaming experience.

Both versions offer identical performance and capabilities; the only difference lies in their ability to read physical discs. Consider your gaming habits and preferences before deciding which version is right for you. If you’re someone who prefers a digital library and enjoys the convenience of downloading games directly to your console, the Digital Edition may be the way to go.

Buying a PS5 online with delivery to an address in Amsterdam

Online shopping has become increasingly popular, and purchasing a PlayStation 5 online with delivery to an address in Amsterdam is a convenient option for many gamers. Several retailers offer this service, allowing you to browse and purchase your console from the comfort of your own home.

When buying a PS5 online, it’s important to choose reputable retailers that have a track record of reliable shipping and customer service. Here are some trusted options for online purchases with delivery to an address in Amsterdam:

1. Bol.com

Bol.com is known for its extensive product range and reliable delivery service. They offer nationwide shipping, ensuring that your PlayStation 5 will reach your doorstep in Amsterdam safely and on time.

2. Coolblue

Coolblue’s user-friendly website makes online shopping a breeze. They provide clear information about product availability and offer fast and efficient delivery services throughout the Netherlands.

3. MediaMarkt

MediaMarkt’s online store allows you to conveniently browse their selection of PlayStation 5 consoles and accessories. They offer various delivery options, including home delivery within Amsterdam.

Before making your purchase, check the estimated delivery times provided by each retailer to ensure that you’ll receive your PlayStation 5 within a timeframe that suits you. It’s also worth considering any additional costs such as shipping fees or insurance options for added peace of mind during transit.

Physical stores to buy a PS5 in Amsterdam

If you prefer the thrill of physically walking into a store and purchasing your PlayStation 5, Amsterdam has several options for you to explore. Here are some physical stores in Amsterdam where you can buy a PS5:

1. Game Mania

Game Mania is a well-known gaming retailer with multiple branches across Amsterdam. Their stores offer a wide selection of games and consoles, including the PlayStation 5.

2. MediaMarkt

MediaMarkt has several locations in Amsterdam where you can find the latest gaming consoles, including the PlayStation 5. Their stores often have knowledgeable staff who can assist you in making an informed purchase decision.

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3. Coolblue

Coolblue’s physical stores provide an opportunity to see and feel the PlayStation 5 before making your purchase. They have knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions you may have and guide you through the buying process.

4. Intertoys

A beloved toy store chain in the Netherlands, Intertoys also stocks gaming consoles like the PlayStation 5. With various locations throughout Amsterdam, it’s worth checking out their stores for availability.

Before visiting a physical store, it’s advisable to check their website or call ahead to confirm stock availability and any specific safety measures that may be in place due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Limited edition or special edition PS5 consoles available in Amsterdam

If you’re looking for something truly unique and eye-catching, limited edition or special edition PlayStation 5 consoles are worth considering. These consoles often feature custom designs inspired by popular games or collaborations with renowned artists. While availability may be limited, keep an eye out for these special editions at various retailers in Amsterdam.

Here are some examples of limited edition or special edition PS5 consoles that have been released:

1. PlayStation 5 Demon’s Souls Edition

This special edition features a design inspired by the critically acclaimed game “Demon’s Souls.” With intricate detailing and a striking black and white color scheme, it’s a must-have for fans of the game.

2. PlayStation 5 Spider-Man: Miles Morales Edition

Inspired by the popular superhero game “Spider-Man: Miles Morales,” this limited edition console showcases an eye-catching black and red design with the iconic Spider-Man logo. It’s perfect for fans of the friendly neighborhood web-slinger.

3. PlayStation 5 Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Edition

Celebrating the release of the highly anticipated game “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart,” this limited edition console features a sleek white design adorned with colorful accents inspired by the game’s vibrant universe.

These limited edition consoles not only offer a unique visual appeal but also often come bundled with exclusive in-game content or accessories. Keep an eye on retailer announcements and pre-order opportunities to secure one of these coveted editions before they sell out.

To enhance your gaming experience and make the most out of your PlayStation 5, there are several accessories worth considering. These accessories can take your gaming sessions to the next level, providing added comfort, convenience, and immersion. Here are some recommended accessories to purchase along with your PS5 in Amsterdam:

1. DualSense Charging Station

  • The DualSense Charging Station allows you to conveniently charge up to two DualSense controllers simultaneously, ensuring you always have a fully charged controller ready for multiplayer sessions.

2. Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

  • The Pulse 3D Wireless Headset offers immersive 3D audio, allowing you to hear every detail and immerse yourself in the game world. Its wireless functionality provides freedom of movement during intense gaming sessions.

3. HD Camera

  • The HD Camera enables you to stream and share your gameplay moments with friends and the online community. It’s perfect for content creators or those who enjoy capturing memorable gaming moments.

4. PlayStation VR

  • If you’re looking to explore virtual reality gaming, the PlayStation VR headset is a must-have accessory. It offers an immersive and interactive gaming experience, transporting you to new worlds.

These are just a few examples of accessories that can enhance your PlayStation 5 experience. Depending on your preferences and gaming style, there are many more options available, including additional controllers, external storage drives, and specialized gaming chairs. Consider your needs and budget when choosing which accessories to add to your gaming setup.

Trade-in options for previous generation consoles when buying a PS5 in Amsterdam

If you’re upgrading from a previous generation console and looking to offset the cost of purchasing a PlayStation 5 in Amsterdam, trade-in options can be a great way to do so. Several retailers offer trade

Paying for a PS5 using installment plans or financing options in Amsterdam

Installment Plans

When purchasing a PS5 in Amsterdam, many retailers offer the option to pay for the console through installment plans. This allows customers to break up the cost of the PS5 into smaller, more manageable payments over a set period of time. Typically, these installment plans require a down payment upfront and then monthly payments for a certain number of months. It’s important to note that interest rates may apply, so it’s crucial to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions before committing to an installment plan.

Financing Options

In addition to installment plans, some retailers in Amsterdam also provide financing options for purchasing a PS5. These financing options often involve applying for a credit line or loan specifically designed for buying electronics. Customers can choose their desired repayment period and interest rates may vary depending on their creditworthiness. It’s advisable to compare different financing options available at various retailers to find the most suitable one that fits your budget and financial situation.

Important Considerations:

  • Check if there are any additional fees associated with installment plans or financing options.
  • Ensure you have a clear understanding of the repayment schedule and any penalties for late payments.
  • If opting for financing, assess your own financial capabilities and decide on an affordable monthly payment amount.
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Warranty or guarantee options provided when buying a PS5 in Amsterdam

When purchasing a PS5 in Amsterdam, it’s essential to consider the warranty or guarantee options available. Most retailers offer standard manufacturer warranties that cover potential defects and malfunctions within a specific period after purchase. However, it is recommended to inquire about extended warranty options that provide additional coverage beyond the standard warranty period.

Some retailers may also offer additional guarantees or protection plans for an extra cost. These plans often cover accidental damage, theft, or loss of the PS5. It’s important to carefully read the terms and conditions of these warranties or guarantees to understand what is included and any limitations or exclusions that may apply.

Important Considerations:

  • Check the duration of the standard manufacturer warranty and if there are any limitations on coverage.
  • Consider the value of extended warranty options and whether they provide sufficient additional protection.
  • Assess your own needs and determine if additional guarantees or protection plans are necessary for your specific circumstances.

Availability of games specifically designed for the PS5 at retailers in Amsterdam

If you’re looking to purchase games specifically designed for the PS5 in Amsterdam, you’ll be pleased to know that most retailers in the city stock a wide selection. Whether you’re interested in action-adventure, sports, RPGs, or multiplayer titles, you’re likely to find a variety of games tailored to suit your preferences.

Retailers often have dedicated sections within their stores or online platforms where customers can browse and choose from a range of PS5 games. Additionally, some retailers may offer exclusive bundles that include popular titles along with the console itself. It’s advisable to check with different retailers to compare prices and availability before making a purchase decision.

Tips for Game Selection:

  • Research popular PS5 game titles and read reviews to ensure they align with your gaming preferences.
  • Consider purchasing games that offer enhanced features specifically designed for the PS5’s capabilities, such as improved graphics or faster load times.
  • Look out for special promotions or discounts on games when purchasing a PS5 to maximize your gaming experience.

If you’re interested in purchasing a PS5 in Amsterdam and want to take advantage of upcoming promotions or events, it’s worth keeping an eye out for any announcements from local retailers. Many retailers often run special promotions or events during holidays, gaming conventions, or product launch periods.

You can stay informed about these upcoming promotions by regularly checking the websites or social media pages of popular electronics retailers in Amsterdam. Additionally, signing up for newsletters or loyalty programs offered by these retailers can provide you with exclusive access to discounts, early sales, or limited-time offers.

Tips for Finding Promotions:

  • Follow reputable electronics retailers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for real-time updates on upcoming promotions.
  • Subscribe to newsletters of local gaming communities or forums that often share information about discounts and events related to gaming consoles like the PS5.
  • Keep an eye on official PlayStation announcements as they may mention any upcoming promotions specific to Amsterdam or the Netherlands.

In conclusion, if you’re in Amsterdam and looking to buy a PS5, make sure to check out local retailers or online platforms. It might take some effort and patience, but with a bit of luck, you might just find one! And hey, while you’re at it, why not also explore our Anime wiki for some fantastic recommendations and insights into the world of Japanese animation? Happy gaming and anime watching!


How much is PS5 in Amsterdam?

In the Netherlands, the price of the Playstation 5 in June 2023 is 549.000 or USD617.060.

Can I buy a PS5 from Europe?

Customers can now purchase a PS5 directly from Sony’s PlayStation Direct store, which was previously only available to US customers. This opportunity has now expanded to include fans in the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

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Can I buy my PS5 from another country?

Both the PS4 and PS5 game consoles do not have region restrictions, however, PlayStation accounts do. You are unable to change the region of your PS5 or PS4 account unless you create a new one. If you wish to buy and download games from a specific region, you will also need to use a credit card or Paypal account from that same region.

Why is PS5 more expensive in Europe?

Due to economic pressures and inflation, Sony has raised the price of the PlayStation 5 in various markets, including Europe, the UK, Japan, and other countries. This increase in price was announced on August 25, 2022, and applies to recommended retail prices in multiple regions, such as the UK, Europe, Canada, and Japan.

How much is a PS5 in Europe?

The PS5 console price in the UK and EU was raised by Sony in August 2022 due to inflation. The recommended retail price (RRP) went up from £449.99/499.99 to £479.99/549.99, an additional £30/50. However, the price has remained the same in the US at $499.99. When purchasing the PS5 console, it includes a PS5 DualSense controller.

Can I use a USA PS5 in Europe?

Indeed, the PS5 purchased in the United States will be compatible and functional in other countries.